Reedley Peace Center News

  • Victim-Offender program ramps up - Reedley Exponent - December 23, 2009.
    This is a program which the Peace Center is supplying mediators for and it has the potential to be an important program for Reedley.
  • Dr. Lisa Schirch, professor of peacebuilding at EMU's Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, participated in a closed-door meeting on Afghanistan policy at the White House on Thursday, November 18. This was a result of Lisa's tremendous work as director of the 3D Security Initiative. Lisa describes 3D Security in a 70-second video clip at It appears that this is one group of peace makers that is actually being listened to. They make some very down to earth suggestions in their policy brief on Afghanistan that can be found on the 3D Security website at this link: Missing Elements in a Comprehensive US Strategy in Afghanistan. Lisa spoke to the Reedley Peace Center during the summer of 2008.
  • Indian activist Angie Osborne dies - Fresno Bee - November 27, 2009
    Angie was one of the elders of the Choinumni Tribe. She has been a speaker at the Peace Center and she and her son Rick had an extended presentation at our retreat in 2009.
  • White Friday - Reedley Exponent - November 25, 2009
    Sweet Home Ranch Annual Art Show and Holiday Gift Sale